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Created in Trinidad, CO

Created in Trinidad, CO

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Moringa Love

The health benefits of the Moringa Tree are out of this world and the unrealized potential is staggering. From the top of the tree to the bottom; we find nutritional value that far exceeds many of our current supplements on the market today.

When I researched the Moringa Tree, I found 2.8 million results on Google.

And as I searched the internet I found that throughout Asia, Africa, and the Philippines people have cherished the nutritional and healing qualities of the plant for 4000 years or longer. Yet, this multipurpose tree has literally been hidden from the West.

Nutritionally speaking….

Moringa is loaded with healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds that effect our bodies in a very positive way. Used as a dietary supplement, in one cup of fresh chopped leaves this “Miracle Tree”  contains:

  • 2g protein
  • 19% of the RDA Vitamin B6
  • 12% of the RDA Vitamin C
  • 11% of the RDA Iron
  • 11% of the RDA Riboflavin (B2)
  • 9% of the RDA Vitamin A (beta-carotene)
  • 8% of the RDA Magnesium

Moringa also is said to have more Vitamin A, E, K, Potassium, Calcium, Phoshorous, Magnesium than other green superfoods like spirulina, chlorella and wheatgrass.

Some of the benefits of Moringa found to be effective in correcting body function include, regulating blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation, lowering high levels of cholesterol, reversing arsenic toxicity, reversing anemia, and increasing breast milk. These are just a few reasons to begin adding Moringa to your diet today. But don’t take my word for it; GOOGLE IT.

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