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Created in Trinidad, CO

Created in Trinidad, CO

Always OPEN online.

Our Story

On June 22, 2015, I was divinely led to the Moringa Tree. I had no prior knowledge of the tree. But, that particular morning, I had this message run across my mind like a newspaper heading, that read;

‘What is the healthiest plant on the planet?’

So I typed the question in Google and the Miracle Tree, Moringa Oleifera topped the results. As I researched this tree, I found out the nutritional value to be far superior to many of the healthy foods we currently ingest and that it has been basically hidden from the West. I became very excited about this new discovery and ordered teas, powders and oils from all over the world. I began to share the good news about this superfood with everyone I met and my husband and I even travelled cross country to attend a workshop to learn more about the potential hidden within this miraculous tree.

We are thrilled. We feel great. 

Finally, after almost a year of research my husband, Eric, and I formed Moringa Oasis LLC. Our vision is to create products infused with the goodness of this amazing plant. We began to experiment with a variety of blends containing healthy, organic, GMO free, and vegan ingredients and have developed an entire line of body care products and more.

We sent our products all over the country to be tested by HUMAN BEINGS and we received valuable feedback to move us forward.

People love our GREEN DEO, “It actually works!”

Our Youth Serum is a hit and has already found an audience throughout the USA and in Germany and our Moringa Lip Rain, Hydrating Lip Balm, has been tested by dozens both here and in Mexico. All in all, we have had great results. Today we are thrilled to share the outcome with you.

We want more and more people the miraculous healing properties found in Moringa. 

After using a variety of products, including our own, we are convinced Moringa has miraculous healing and nutritional properties. We have found increased energy levels and the ability to work harder longer with some of the Moringa products.  We have testimonies that when drinking Moringa tea before bed folks sleep better and are more energized in the morning and so much more.

This is just the beginning……..

Check out the “Moringa” page within this sight to learn more.

….and remember, THINK GREEN


Cindy Johnson


Moringa Oasis, LLC