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Black Seed Oil


Black Seed Oil, from the black cumin seed, also known as Nigella Sativa, is a miracle herb according to an article at PubMed. Originating in the Mediterranean, it seems a favorite of the Pharaohs and was even found in the tomb of King Tut himself.

Black Seed Oil or Black Cumin Seed Oil may be the most highly regarded of oils for its vast uses and healing benefits; both internally and externally, which is why the seeds of Nigella Sativa may be the most revered medicinal seeds in human history

The healing properties are rich in this plant and are documented well over the last fifty years with thousands of sites written on the topic. From acne to infertility; from cancer to diabetes, this powerful gift to mankind is truly a find worth sinking my teeth into. Good results in these areas of illness are beyond fantastic, of course, but my heart actually leaped when I read that this blessed oil could potentially assist in shedding those unwanted pounds. (Shallow! I know.)

Weight Loss: my favorite topic

According to an article published in PaleoHack online, the black seed oil is “basically the new apple cider vinegar” and may actually cure obesity. What? C’mon, I have heard everything now (and have probably tried every diet known to man). However, just the thought of completely curing life-long struggle for me and so many is enough to keep my interest.

Just a small amount of oil can jumpstart your metabolism by creating passive fat burning. A recent post from Organic Facts, online magazine, suggested starting with a teaspoon in your juice in the morning and working your way up to two then three teaspoons per day.  I have been using the oil for several days myself. Only time will tell at this point.

I have tried the oil straight out of the dropper on my tongue. I don’t mind the fragrance or taste but someone with an elevated palate may find it unpleasant. A mixer of some sort is most likely the way to go.

I also used the oil for several days on my face. The results were amazing. It seemed the oil pulled out impurities on and around my nose almost overnight and the blemishes were gone seemingly just as quickly.

Here are just a few of the benefits of this amazing blessed oil that has gone viral. In one of Dr. Axe posts, he writes concerning a variety of strains of bacteria from HIV, to the flu to STD’s and superbugs that effectively treated with Black Seed Oil.

In a nutshell, Black Seed Oil is worthy of our attention. Don’t take my word for it, Google it for yourself. In closing, I’ve listed only a few publications you can check out but there are literally millions of sites online to satisfy your researching minds.

Hair loss remedy. Click for a recipe from The Blessed Seed.

Antimicrobial. A scientific study published on reveals Black Seed Oil effective.

Tumor reducing properties. More from

These comments are not verified by the FDA and are not meant to diagnose or treat illness.

Black Seed Oil

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