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Created in Trinidad, CO

Created in Trinidad, CO

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Moringa Gold Anti-Aging Youth Serum


I love this Anti-Aging Youth Serum!

Since i started using this product consistently my eyes no longer have "crows feet". I have a scar on my lip that is almost gone. Multiple blemishes on my forehead. Almost gone! I no long wear makeup just mascara. Lol

--Shar S.



I’ve been using Eucerin eczema relief lotion on my daughter’s arms for weeks, trying to treat the scaly patches of skin around her elbows to no avail. Once I saw the Moringa Oasis post saying my Moringa Oasis Youth Serum could treat eczema, I decided to give it a try.

Sure enough, after just 2 nights of applications to my daughter’s arms, the eczema is gone! I regret not taking “before & after” photos, but I wasn’t expecting Moringa Oasis Youth Serum to work so quickly or effectively!

Jenaya Z. 


"Second day of using the oil on my eczema and it's gone. I've tried very expensive prescriptions and over the counter with limited success. Highly recommend."

--Susan R.

"I have been using this serum on my face and found the scaly spots to disappear leaving my skin smooth."

Eric J. - Colorado


The Moringa infusion. Infuse your life with Moringa...renew, restore and reinvigorate with an oasis of healing plant based products. 
Our 2 oz. bottle of Moringa Gold serum with Moringa Seed Oil by Moringa Oasis® LLC is a unique proprietary blend of oils that have healing and anti-aging properties. Our product has only been tested on humans and with rave reviews. We have heard spectacular testimonies which include but are not limited to: diminishing the irritation caused by mosquito bites, moisturizing extreme hydration of the face, throat and body, restoring the skin after sun damage, smoothing suspicious skin issues and even wrinkles.
This blend is top notch.
These oils work together to promote a spectacular complexion.
The Moringa seed oil comes from the Moringa Oleifera Tree otherwise known as the Miracle Tree and is the healthiest plant on the planet. It has been recognised and used for thousands of years in India and Africa for healing purposes.
Coconut Oil is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal. It is an excellent carrier oil and moisturizer and it smells swell. It has been used for generations in the South Pacific and offers some protection from the sun while preserving the smoothness of the face.
Helichrysum Essential Oil has anti-aging properties while supporting regeneration of the cells and tissue and is a very sought after and expensive oil. It reduces the appearance of age spots and soothes sunburn due to its gentle nature.
Orange Essential Oil assists in enhancing the synthesis of collagen while easing inflammation and unclogging pores. It also lowers evidence of premature aging and it is an amazing moisturizer for dry skin.
Combined, this serum is a wonderful healing & moisturizing blend with amazing anti-aging properties that is already highly regarded among clients across the nation. It also is known to sooth and diminish the itching from bug bites, allowing them to heal more quickly.


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Moringa Gold Anti-Aging Youth Serum

2 oz
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